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Unmanned Systems Meets
Safety Of Flight

Software services bringing
flight safety to unmanned
operators and mission

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Have a Safe Flight!

AGI's UTM is a full API for operators and mission planners with flight safety at the forefront. A succecssful mission requires planning from start to finish, and we can help!

  • Analyze GPS / Navigation Accuracy
    and Availability

  • Monitor Separation Between Aircraft
    in RealTime

  • Consider Predicted Weather Effects
    on Planned Missions

  • Communication Systems Analysis
    Link Quality and Availability

  • Ensure Terrain Clearance and Separation

  • Obstacle Separation

  • Growing Library of Safety Assurance Services!

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Login and start using the BETA web portal today and explore some of the capabilities for yourself. Interact with our web interface to create flights and explore detailed analysis such as terrain considerations, satellite navigation (GPS) analytics & availability, and check U.S. controlled airspace intersections and proximities. All capabilities are free to explore with user registration.

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Developers & Integrators

We provide access to a full back-end API to help integrators and developers incorporate UTM functionality and analytics into their solutions. Taking advantage of the API includes full realtime visualization for enhanced situational awareness and support for common ground control station software such as Mission Planner. Please contact us for developer access.

API Documentation

Need Help?

Download our "Getting Started" guide which includes detailed documentation and quick-tips for maximizing your use of the web-based interface. This also includes example integration scripts for those looking to use the UTM web portal for Realtime operations and other integration efforts.

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